Long Live Henry

My first plant was a cactus that sat on the kitchen window sill.

After a couple of months I realized I was watering a dead cactus.

Since then I let it in my brain that I would never acquire a green thumb.

Seems like an easy conclusion that I am a cactus killer to say the least.

Well I was wrong…

Meet Henry my Dragon Fruit.

He’s a badass .


9 thoughts on “Long Live Henry

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    Good for you, Becca! He looks like he’s thriving now. :0) I guess we’re learning not to give up hope…

  2. Dena says:

    I like that you named him. My kiddo named her ruby-ball cactus “Ophelia”. So gothic…and lovely!

  3. nnadine says:

    This looks like a night blooming cereus – I had a huge beautiful one from FL and it died over a very harsh winter here in NC

  4. fvblogger says:

    Dragonfruit are really nice. Is it blooming now? We have quite a few and they have amazing flowers!

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