Benefits of Bob





.Healthy and Delicious.



Think of this like the fact graph on your grocery goods. Everything has beneficial properties for your body to feel GREAT!

Eugenol, Citronellol, Citral, Limonene, Terpineol are all Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial components.
Beta-Carotene, Vitamin A, Cryptoxanthin, Lutein, and Zea-xanthin protect against free radicals and disease. They are also a great antioxidant.By the way the meaning of antioxidant is slowing down deterioration by oxidation. Could the fountain of youth be growing in my back yard?
Vitamin K promotes bone strength, and coagulant factors in the blood. Just fancy words to tell you it helps you stop bleeding with things like paper cuts.


  1. Basil Tea – Inhaling the steam while this amazing beverage cools off always helps to drain my sinuses. The drink itself is great for nausea, head colds, coughs, and an all around anti-septic, which destroys harmful organisms so you continue to feel awesome!
  2. Chewing on the Leaves – Not the most complicated way to stay healthy. It’s comparative to eating an apple. I chew 6 basil leaves almost everyday and I have been keeping that doctor away. I can notice my mood is consist and positive. That is because this green leaf increases my blood circulation. No wonder I feel so good.

Simple and safe.

There are alot of home remedies for every herb out there.

Some have science to back them up but others are based off superstitions and different societies.

We are only looking at the basics today.


This isn’t even close to all of them…

Sweet, Thai Magic, Magic Blue, Mexican, Spicy Globe, Christmas, Cinnamon,Magic Mountain,

Lemon, Dark Purple Opal, Boxwood, Chocolate, Cuban, Holy Green, Licorice,   

Goddess,  Key Lime, Greek, Limelight, Pine tree, Green Ruffles,

Red Holy, Spicy Saber, Holy, Zulu,

Queen of Sheba, Mammoth,

Magic Michael . . .


The first plant in my garden was/is Sweet Basil.

Before the garden, Bob (the basil plant) was in a pot that I would keep inside on the window sill and set out to the front porch each morning.

We all thought he would never make it until a friend told me to plant him directly where the sun comes up.


Best thing I could ever do for him.

I have a thriving bush of basil with a beautiful aromatic smell.

He loves daily waterings and the compost tea from my first blog.

But He thrives off the Sunrise Sunlight.

Brew it.

Chew it.

Pizza topping it.

Pasta sauce it.

Grow it.

Know it.

Love it.


2 thoughts on “Benefits of Bob

  1. blastedgoat says:

    Basil is the BEST! My three plants are over a year old (they are in pots for the moment) and they constantly bring joy to my life. I eat chives directly off the plant so why not a few basil leaves a day? Sounds amazing! Great post, I love learning what’s in my food, especially the stuff I’m able to grow 🙂

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