Snapshots in Another’s Sanctuary

I adore the garden our wonderful little household has created. It’s beautiful and life-giving. But what else I love is the inspirations of another’s wonderland. Here’s a few captured moments of my morning in my friends’ garden …

I love this pineapple!

Bloomin’ Beauties 

Just enchanting.

purple is my all time favorite.

so majestic.

I love the shade of pink,

or is it red.

clusters of pretty-ness!

Mini Jungle of Veg

They have a few of these pumpkins!

I can’t wait for ours to get that far along.

Hot Banana Peppers swishing in the breeze.

I believe these are another pepper, not sure if they’re Jalapenos though.

Cherry Tomatos !

I think these were the Yummy Bells.

Koi Fish and Turtles!

First time I got see them!

I hope you enjoy these joys I got to see this morning as much as I have.

8 thoughts on “Snapshots in Another’s Sanctuary

  1. The flowers were really pretty and vibrant in color, especially the purple ones.

  2. thanks for the like….cool blog….i can see you are enjoying what your doing there…we too grow many veggies….its going into winter here right now so bounty is closing down for a while…….just waiting for the first heavy frost to finish it all off and then i begin preparation for spring……….i love springtime…….

  3. Beautiful photographs, I could feel the sunshine.

  4. Purple is my favorite, too! Beautiful photographs – your friend has a lovely garden!

  5. belocchio says:

    It’s a jungle in your garden and I’m pea green with envy. What gardening zone are you in?? Here in the lower Mainland, just outside Vancouver we are between a 6 and 9. Virginia

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