Good Morning Life

Good Morning Life

Everyday is a new joy to wake up to.

It’s so therapeutic to roll out of bed to wander outside to a heart stopping green world I can call my own.

My Sanctuary.

The grass is greener here.

The packet called them Contenders.

 These cute bushy babies had lovely purple flowers but it was like magic the string of beans appeared!

This Green Bell has gifted us with 4 amazing peppers before we get to enjoy these.

It is also one of my absolute favorite plants to photograph.

Like most of my plants I was so excited to grow them I didn’t take the time to research them as I should.

As you can see, the mint is now growing into the Jalapenos since I did not plant it with a container.

Lesson learned but I am still excited to see where this yummy smelling plant ventures.

Mini Okra Forest.


Bob the Basil is the Original Gangsta here.

My favorite Christmas gift I have ever received.

He’s a gift who just keeps giving.

I can never seem to get over how amazing it is to walk out back and stick my toes in the water for the koi to nibble on.

My life is truly a dreamland of enthralling nature that teaches and inspires my soul.

What gave you joy this morning?


I Love My Mom

Dear Mom,

your the best…

I wouldnt love the things I love if you had not introduced them into my life. I can do nothing but thank you for giving birth to my very existence and caring for me every day since. I may not live under your roof or enjoying your cooking as often.

I know I don’t call as much, but you are the most beautiful woman I know.

You have taught me the most important lessons in life and have been a strength if you didnt know how to help. I remember you took me to get my first pet PJ the cat, whom everyone loved. RIP Darth Kitty. I can’t recall a memory that doesn’t include crafts, animals, enjoying nature or reading books. These things are important to you and in turn important to me.

Your love and passion for nature has inspired me. obviously… 🙂

Your love for animals leaves me with a house of 4 dogs, a cat and about 60 fish. As I think back, every room in our home had books in it. My house is now the same. Knowledge is a powerful tool but fantasy is just as much.  The fiction stories i read, because of you, were so empowering and captivating. my imagination ran wild and my soul learned through words a sense of freedom.

You did the whole Huzzah.

Girl Scout Leader.

Cub Scout Leader.




Cab driver to all my karate lessons, school, the mall, gymnastics…

You microwaved my ABC’s before   I would go to kindergarten.

You’d make the best cakes every birthday and pinatas that are unbreakable. 🙂 Your french toast is out of this world. I miss your chicken and dumplings on cold nights.

I appreciate you.

That’s my bottom line.

Life is beautiful and enchanting because of you.

I love you mom.

Watermelon Wednesday

It’s All Upstream from Here

the world is my oyster as I unfurl my leaves,

taking root as far as I please.

My Passion and My Purpose quietly flourish,

as I take this journey upstream,

only to reach for the golden light who feeds my soul.

I must spread like a fire before anyone knows.

oh, the twirling vines you see are designed to overtake all that stand infront of me. 

but when the time arrives,

all the taming and maintaining you do,

I will bear fruit and you will know Sweet Victory too.