Patiences is Rewarding


Bob’s Blossoms

Name this Flower…we lost the seed package…

can’t wait for this yellow beauty to go cucumber!



Green Beans!

Sweet Corn

Cantaloupe. Pumpkin. Pumpkin. Pumpkin.

The Week Old Okra out grew the box


Watermelon Wednesday

It’s All Upstream from Here

the world is my oyster as I unfurl my leaves,

taking root as far as I please.

My Passion and My Purpose quietly flourish,

as I take this journey upstream,

only to reach for the golden light who feeds my soul.

I must spread like a fire before anyone knows.

oh, the twirling vines you see are designed to overtake all that stand infront of me. 

but when the time arrives,

all the taming and maintaining you do,

I will bear fruit and you will know Sweet Victory too.

Mint to Live in Sweet Prosperity


I am obsessed with any normal plant thriving in water alone. 

I think it is absolutely enthralling. 

Maybe its the chance to watch the roots grow.

Or maybe it is the fact that our aquatic transplants are growing better then their earth-bound friends.

Awesome Sweet Corn…

Incredible Sweet Corn…

Salvaged Shame

We originally left our broccoli plant to return to the earth.

But he stayed green long enough we have decided to see if it’s possible to save him.

So far so good…

Stare closely.

You can see the hairs of roots beginning.

It was just a sad rootless stalk before this fish tank transfer.


I really like the idea of growing plants from clippings.

So I tried with a number of plants at the house but the only one I put in water was the Sweet Mint that has now take root.


No Dirt?? No Problem Part II

Yesterday was an eventful day for the house.

A lot of creative energy buzzing and swirling about.

I don’t have the largest garden budget and love to venture beyond the typical use of soil.

Dustin, being the innovative engineer he is, created our first models of the aquaponics creations we have now scatter around the house.

The long root is the sweet corn Dustin placed in.

The Ballon Mollys think I’m feeding them.

The left one, Jabba the Hut, is prego.

I got so excited I made Dustin create a floater for some Sweet Mint.

Then when you wander outside…

More seedlings galore!

Tonto standing guard.

Used a restaurant size Balsamic Dressing jug, a bath squishy and styrofoam  to float.

My first one is a Pond Pumpkin.

They say pumpkins need a lot of water…

Hello Kitty and the Green Beans

This beautiful little lady just had a birthday and guess what she got?!?!

You guessed right.


…and princess garden gloves with a small shovel to match.

We made planters how I like to with leftover boxes.

Today they were from Lucky Charms and Mac&cheese box along with a mountain dew box personally designed by the little gardener.

Pink is all the rage in Garden Fashion.

I’m so proud of her.

She did everything on her own.

But then we discovered…

A Cucumber ready for the plucking.

Next course of action is to taste the fruits of  our labor

and then replant!

My Little Garden Partner decided she does NOT like cucumber,

though she LOVED planting some of the seeds.

This is my Cinco De Mayo and it’s not even noon.

Q-tips and Nutella

It’s amazing how many people I have met lately that are starting their own gardens.

I love meeting people who are like minded and have similar hobbies.

Plus, there is a a wonderful advantage for learning and sharing knowledge.

Absolutely Beautiful!

Now yesterday a co-worker learned I love to garden.

Him and his lady are starting their own as well.

He wants to buy my sprouts off me! 


As you can see, there is sweet corn, a pumpkin, lettuce and okra. 

Cannot resist giving him some of the amazing Compost Tea.


Benefits of Bob





.Healthy and Delicious.



Think of this like the fact graph on your grocery goods. Everything has beneficial properties for your body to feel GREAT!

Eugenol, Citronellol, Citral, Limonene, Terpineol are all Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial components.
Beta-Carotene, Vitamin A, Cryptoxanthin, Lutein, and Zea-xanthin protect against free radicals and disease. They are also a great antioxidant.By the way the meaning of antioxidant is slowing down deterioration by oxidation. Could the fountain of youth be growing in my back yard?
Vitamin K promotes bone strength, and coagulant factors in the blood. Just fancy words to tell you it helps you stop bleeding with things like paper cuts.


  1. Basil Tea – Inhaling the steam while this amazing beverage cools off always helps to drain my sinuses. The drink itself is great for nausea, head colds, coughs, and an all around anti-septic, which destroys harmful organisms so you continue to feel awesome!
  2. Chewing on the Leaves – Not the most complicated way to stay healthy. It’s comparative to eating an apple. I chew 6 basil leaves almost everyday and I have been keeping that doctor away. I can notice my mood is consist and positive. That is because this green leaf increases my blood circulation. No wonder I feel so good.

Simple and safe.

There are alot of home remedies for every herb out there.

Some have science to back them up but others are based off superstitions and different societies.

We are only looking at the basics today.


This isn’t even close to all of them…

Sweet, Thai Magic, Magic Blue, Mexican, Spicy Globe, Christmas, Cinnamon,Magic Mountain,

Lemon, Dark Purple Opal, Boxwood, Chocolate, Cuban, Holy Green, Licorice,   

Goddess,  Key Lime, Greek, Limelight, Pine tree, Green Ruffles,

Red Holy, Spicy Saber, Holy, Zulu,

Queen of Sheba, Mammoth,

Magic Michael . . .


The first plant in my garden was/is Sweet Basil.

Before the garden, Bob (the basil plant) was in a pot that I would keep inside on the window sill and set out to the front porch each morning.

We all thought he would never make it until a friend told me to plant him directly where the sun comes up.


Best thing I could ever do for him.

I have a thriving bush of basil with a beautiful aromatic smell.

He loves daily waterings and the compost tea from my first blog.

But He thrives off the Sunrise Sunlight.

Brew it.

Chew it.

Pizza topping it.

Pasta sauce it.

Grow it.

Know it.

Love it.